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Available VXI Test Components, All fully tested, guaranteed working
Used Electronic Test Equipment Please see below for E-Mail information.
Prices listed below include shipping via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail within 48 Contiguous United States. UPS and USPS resistant packing.

  • HP / Agilent E1401A C Size VXI High Power Mainframe $235.00
  • HP / Agilent E1401B C Size VXI High Power Mainframe $305.00
  • HP / Agilent E1403B C-Size to B-Size VXI Adapter $65.00
  • HP / Agilent VXI Z2404B / E1459 Terminal Block $45.00
  • HP / Agilent E1750A VXI Broadband Distribution Amplifier $185.00
  • HP / Agilent E1752A VXI Pulse Distribution Amplifier $210.00
  • HP / Agilent E1442-60103 VXI 64 Channel Switch Terminal Block $65.00
  • HP / Agilent E1301A B Size VXI Mainframe $220.00
  • HP / Agilent E1330A VXI Quad Eight Bit Digital I/O $30.00
  • HP / Agilent E1351A B Size VXI 16 Channel FET Multiplexer $105.00
  • HP / Agilent 650W Power Supply For E1401A E1401B E1401T E1421B E5504A E5503A E7501A $179.00
  • HP / Agilent E1401A E1401B Rack Mount Recess Kit With Door 129.00
  • HP / Agilent VXI Mainframe Parts & Accessories for E1301A, E1401A, E1401B send your requirements

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    Recently Added Electronic Test and Measurement Items:

  • HP / Agilent 6038A Option 001 Power Supply, 200W, 0 to 60 V, 0 to 10 Amp, Blank Front Panel $199.00
  • TES 1297 Real Time Power Supply Efficiency Computer, Power Supply Evaluation Test Accessory
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